What This Class Covers

In this class, we will discuss the study of linguistics and its relevance to genre writing. I'll show how linguistics differs from the study of foreign languages, and give a survey of eight different subfields of linguistics, which examine principles of language at levels of complexity from the most basic articulation of speech sounds to the way that language is used to participate in public forms of discourse.

For each subfield, I'll take a look at how it can be used to enhance a writer's portrayal of characters and societies in a fictional world. Once we've completed this examination of linguistics and its relevance to in-world languages, I'll move to the meta-level and talk about using the principles of linguistics to hone point of view and the effectiveness of narrative language in storytelling.

After taking this class, you should expect to understand what linguistics is, how conscious analysis of language can strengthen your fiction writing, and how to apply that knowledge.

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